Mosaic Rug – Progress 9

I have continued to work on the narrow band at the bottom of the rug. It is now 6 motifs long and I have reached the pale pencil line that marks the middle of the rug! You can see it just to the left of the last motif. Now that 2 sets of the motifs are completed, it’s easy to see that I have four dark colors that I’m using for the outline of the motifs and four lighter colors that I’m using for the background within each motif. Little touches of color come from the whole array of colors that I showed when I started the rug. I change the combination of colors each time I stitch a motif – all the same but a little different in color.

Tomorrow morning I will start working on the background for the first of the large motifs and post when I have something to show other than background. There is also room along the bottom of the rug to add two more motifs before I get to the section that has been folded under all this time (because the canvas is so large). As I work my way along the large motif, I will add these two motifs so I can get as much of the rug done as possible before I have to take it all off the frame and move it over to reach the other end. The background for the large motifs will be Gazelle, a darker shade of rust than the Giraffe that was used for the medium-sized motifs.

Here is the rug so far.

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you in a few days with progress on Safari by Terry Dryden.


5 responses to “Mosaic Rug – Progress 9

  1. This is a wonderful thing! My favorite, I think, of the ones you’ve done so far. I don’t envy your doing all those mosaic stitches, but they certainly are effective for this design.

  2. Looking at the band in the foreground, I see almost a grass-cloth effect created by the mosaic stitches–very nice!

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