Terry Dryden’s Safari – Progress 3

I have now finished the right side of the piece. The next sections that needed to be completed were the animal patterns. Giraffe runs along the right edge of the unstitched area, Zebra is at the top right and Cheetah (the hardest to me) is in the middle. All these areas were done in silk.

Saturday night I decided to tackle the woven basket area. This went much faster than I thought it would and I finished it last night. The greenish color is Sea Grass and the white stitches along the edges are also Sea Grass. The yellow along the edges is Gumnuts. The dark purple is Silk Perle.

I didn’t feel like starting to work on the large mask just yet, so I started filling in the area at the top in basketweave. I had hoped to have this done this month, so I’ll work on it each night and see if I can get it done by Wed. night – or at least done this week.


One response to “Terry Dryden’s Safari – Progress 3

  1. I love the Zebra area. Not so much the Cheetah. What stitch is used for the Giraffe? Looks like little vertical stitched diamonds? And I adore the diamonds with the overdyed border. That overdye is just gorgeous!

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