Terry Dryden’s Safari – Finished

It’s Monday, so it’s time to show you other things I’m working on. As promised, Safari is completed and here it is.

The basket motif on the lower right went very quickly. The mask was easy and fun. And I love the look with the beads all attached. This is a fun project and I enjoyed learning about new threads, color development within a design, and adding other 3-dimensional items after the stitching was completed. Thanks Terry!

I worked on the Patchwork rug yesterday and I’m still hoping that I can finish all the outer border by the end of the month so I can turn it around to continue the stitching.

I’m working on Mindy’s Africa each day now and I’ll pick up the Medallion pillow tonight and work on that one too. I have 2 other projects all ready to go, but I won’t start on either of them until at least one other project is done. Trying to keep my hands off them for another week or so. We’ll see how that goes….


8 responses to “Terry Dryden’s Safari – Finished

  1. What a great finish, I love all the colors and patterns. What are you going to do with it? Pillow? Frame? Hope the heat doesn’t get too bad, it is warming up here fast.

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