Medallion Pillow – Progress 2

I haven’t worked on this in almost 2 months, so here is a photo of what it looked like when you saw it last.

I’m using motifs and colors from the Medallion Rug to do this pillow – a companion piece. Because the pillow is much smaller than the rug, I’m not able to use the other borders from the rug. They would be too large for the area. So I’m only using the Twisted Ribbon border because of its smaller size. I’ve now added more of the Twisted Ribbon border to create defined areas to fill in.

The Octagon motifs have been finished now – adding Classic Navy and Dijon at the corners and the center. The Rhodes stitch was done in Classic Navy with Claret (the lightest red) on top. The Octagons were a motif row in the rug and were repeated at the two ends of the rug for balance. I’ve added them here as corners for the pillow, making all four sides balanced. Another change I made in this pillow is to reverse the colors for the octagon itself. The outline of the hexagon is stitched in the lightest red. On the rug, the lightest red was the filler for the hexagons.

I’ve started working on the center but didn’t take a photo last night to show you what is completed. On the rug, the center medallion was elongated on two sides to make it rectangular to match the shape of the rug. For the pillow, I’ve made the medallion the same size all the way around. The medallion area will be square to match the shape of the pillow. All of the little details in the layout, the medallion, and the motifs create a balance – a symmetry.

I’ll continue to work on the medallion and also fill in the spaces between the octagons before I show you this pillow again. Because of its smaller size, it shouldn’t take very long for this to come together.

5 responses to “Medallion Pillow – Progress 2

  1. It already looks as though considerable progress has been made – isn’t it strange how sometimes a single element is enough to pull a whole piece together and make it feel suddenly much closer to completion!

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