Project Progress or Not – and Mindy’s Africa

I worked on the Patchwork rug on Sunday and I’m finding that it’s the hardest on my hand, since the stitches are more compact and it takes a little more effort to pull the thread through with my right hand. I wanted to have the top completely finished by the end of the month so I could turn the canvas around the correct way. So from now on, I work a little on the Patchwork rug each day – no more than 5 strands of Paternayan yarn a day. We’ll see how that goes.

I decided to work on the center of the large motif on the Mosaic Rug on Monday and after just a few stitches I reached the center – and found out the count was off. Finally found the mistake, placing two mosaic stitches after the little section of green at the far right instead of just one. So I had to rip out almost all of the inside pattern and background for that section. That was hard on my hand as well, so I went downstairs for the rest of the day. Yesterday I finished ripping out stitches and started putting them in correctly. But we were gone all afternoon and nothing else got done. A not so good week so far.

So I worked on Mindy’s Africa both evenings and finally finished the large section of leafy fronds.

I’m not overly fond of the stripes that have appeared as I stitched, but I think it’s okay. I love the mix of colors with a little light gold thrown in. What’s left now are the small section across the top, right, and bottom of the leafy fronds. I’ll work on all the white today as I have time. Late this afternoon I’ll go outside and sit on the patio to stitch on the black areas a little at a time. There’s a lot of gold along the bottom but none of the top and side so I think I’ll add just a touch of sparkle in those two places. Hope to have this one all done by sometime next week. I have two more projects that are set up and ready to go.

4 responses to “Project Progress or Not – and Mindy’s Africa

  1. The “stripes” are just a characteristic of needlepoint. They look fine. This is a really beautiful piece – I love the colors. (but I’m such a Mindy fan anyway.) If I had that much ripping out to do, I would be knitting to decompress. I haven’t the patience for a lot of ripping out. I commend you.

  2. At least you have several projects going at one time, and can see some progress on each at the end of the week! I did a Mindy canvas last summer that had a lot of black in it. I found wearing white pants as I stitched made it a lot easier to see the black areas. An alternative is to put a white or red napkin on your lap–the holes of the canvas pop out that way.

  3. I can identify with knitting to decompress after a ripping-out session. It helps my disposition a lot to move on to another project. The Mindy piece is unique and I love the colors. Your stitching is beautiful.

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