Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 14

Back on track and making some progress again.

The middle of the large motif has been ripped out and redone correctly now. Most of the interior design is in place and I’ll work to finish that next and fill in the background. I’ve added more background around the large motif, added background to the middle band, and added a motif to the bottom band.

In case you’ve noticed, I’m only stitching half of the background for the middle band. It’s hard to reach the 14-16 inches to stitch that band, so I’m doing the motifs and filling in half of the background. When I turn the rug around to stitch the other large motif and finish up the rug, I’ll fill in the rest of the background. I’m trying hard not to overdo things because I really want to keep stitching these rugs. After this rug I’ll be working on smaller things for a few months to give myself a break.

It’s also working out well to stitch only 5 threads on the Patchwork rug each day. All the pain in gone from my hand now, and I’m able to stitch on several projects during the day and evening. All four projects have made small progress this week and I’m hoping to finish the Mindy piece this week so I can start to stitch a new zellig tile the following week. Back to the stitching now.

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