Medallion Pillow – Progress 3

The pillow isn’t moving along as fast as I thought it would, but some progress has been made. I’ve worked on the center medallion. I explained last time that I wanted it to be square so it would fit the overall design of a square. It has been filled in similar to the Medallion Rug shown in this post. I did change the colors in the very center of the medallion for the pillow.

Now I’ve moved back to the outer areas. To fill in the rest of the outside of the pillow design I’m using the Diamond Motif that formed the second  motif band next to the Octagon motif row. I started by creating the diamonds using the Diagonal Mosiac stitch. The diamonds will be filled in using 4 shades of red, just like in the rug. When those areas are done, I’ll finish the medallion and fill in around it to finish it all up. I’m thinking another two weeks to finish this.

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