Mindy’s Africa – Finished

Colors are the focal point of this piece, as I said at the beginning. So I kept the stitches very simple – Brick stitch for the Neon Rays and Basketweave for everything else.

In my last post, I said I wanted to add a touch of sparkle at the top and along the right side to go with the gold that was painted on the bottom of the design. At the top, I used Gold Rush 18 in a dark copper color and Sprinkles in a dark teal color. These add a little sparkle but are not bright enough to detract from the overall design. I really love how this looks. On the right side, the beige color was painted in the same shade as the background for the leafy fronds. I decided to make it a darker color and added the dark teal Sprinkles along with the gold and black to finish it off.

At the bottom of the design, the only change I made in colors was the dark copper floss instead of a very light shade that was painted in the very bottom area.

So Mindy’s Africa is now complete. I love the colors and using simple stitches allows the design and colors painted by Mindy to shine! This piece has been a joy to stitch.  It needs to be framed and hung up in the needlepoint room – my favorite colors in my favorite room.


5 responses to “Mindy’s Africa – Finished

  1. Hi, Jan. I just wrote you a note and had not seen this post yet. It is beautiful. I love your statement, “my favorite colors in my favorite room”. Looking forward to your next project.

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