Patchwork Needlepoint Rug – Progress 6

Six months on Monday. That’s how long I’ve had this rug and I’m glad to see it progressing slowly along. This is square 3 of the top row. The top of the rug is along the bottom of the photos because there is no other way I could stitch the top borders. As I stitched my way along the top, I worked on squares 2 and 3 – doing almost half of the squares. I still have to work the outer border along the right side as you can see in the photo. I’ll have that done in about 4 more days. Then my husband will help be take the very large scroll frame off the base and get it turn around so the top is at the top.

After it is turned around I will go back to the center square in this row and finish stitching it. It will be nice to stitch a square without working any outer borders for a change. Then I’ll finish this 3rd square. I figure another two months to that point. Then I get to roll the canvas up and see what the next row of three squares has to offer. So I’ll be back at that point to show you this rug again. This rug only gets 5 strands of Paternayan yarn a day. That way it is easier on my hands and I make slow, but steady progress on what will eventually be a very beautiful rug. Here is a photo of the whole rug so far.

5 responses to “Patchwork Needlepoint Rug – Progress 6

  1. This is a very beautiful heirloom piece – so worth the time it takes. Small doses of stitching are good. The pattern is classis and timeless, so it will always be “in” as a home accessory.

  2. It may be slow progress, but just think of the masterpiece you’ll have when you’re finished–truly lovely!

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