Happy Valley Tile – Progress 2

I showed you the colors I’ll be using last week – Satin Floss #S676, S991, and S3685 from DMC. The interior of the tile will be completed with Satin Floss. I’ll use floss for the rest of the tile later. After completing the center with the dark green (using 3 plies double through the needle), I switched to the dark rose color for Step 2. I originally planned for this next section to be a square, but decided to put a little more space between the Hungarian stitches and turned it into a diamond shape, using 3 plies doubled in the needle.

Step 3 uses just 2 plies of the light gold color to make small open squares. In the center of each square, I stitched 2 long-arm cross stitches across the center and then stitched over then with an X stitched in the gold.

To finish the center, I stitched a giant Smyrna Cross between the the diamond shapes from Step 1. On top of that I stitched 2 long-arm cross stitches to hold everything in place. The center section of the tile is now complete. Step 4 uses the dark green again to stitch another 8-pointed star around the entire center.

I only used 2 plies doubled over for this last step. I didn’t want the Gobelin stitches to be too heavy. When I came to the pointed sections that are above the dark rose diamonds, the straight stitches are a little thin but look okay. I didn’t want to stop and start a new thread each time I changed direction.

I have 2 more steps to complete the tile, so I’ll get them done and be back next week with the finale.


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