Medallion Pillow – Progress 4

I’ve finally finished the four sides of the Medallion Pillow. Last time I showed you the navy framework of diamonds. They were filled in with 4 shades of red and then the X was stitched using the lightest and the darkest shades of red.

This week I’ll get this finished and show you next Saturday. I’ll add sparrows around the center of the medallion and then add a gold border to set the medallion off from the rest of the pillow. The last part will be to fill in the space around the medallion with navy blue.

Already you can see how things are set apart from each other. The Octagons and the center are brighter because they have more of the lighter red. The sides appear darker since they have the navy framework. The area around the medallion will be the darkest because it will be only navy. Next weekend you see for yourself how the use of color can affect the results.

5 responses to “Medallion Pillow – Progress 4

  1. Very striking, when you finish will you post a picture of it with your rug? I would like to see the play between the two.

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