Update on Kantara Crafts and Some Progress

When I went to live in Morocco many, many years ago, it was quite a culture shock. I lived in the capital of Rabat, but visited many other areas that didn’t have modern conveniences. I met so many wonderful people and saw unusual things that remain with me today. So when I started to adapt rugs to needlepoint, I searched the web for photos of the rugs from the different areas and found Kantara Crafts and its founder Alia Kate. Her non-profit now has Free Trade status and she visits Morocco each year to visit with the ladies in the various co-operatives, pick up rugs to sell here in the States, and help out with materials for the weavers and the local schools. Her website now has the new rugs up for everyone to see when you click on Shop on the Kantara website.

She took along a photojournalist named Anna Beeke this time and they are working on a project with the photos they took during their July visit. You can see the photos at Untangling Threads. I was blown away seeing these adobe buildings with satellite dishes on them. They look so out of place, but this is how Alia keeps in contact with the various groups – using Skype!

The Mosaic Rug continues to grow slowly. This past week we had 4 days in a row with appointments and other things that needed to be done in the morning. So rug time was very limited.  The extra motif needed in the outer and middle bands has been added so I’m down to background again. By next Monday I’ll have all that finished and be working on the last motif for this side of the rug – the medium-sized motif that looks like it has wing nuts on it.


4 responses to “Update on Kantara Crafts and Some Progress

  1. Can’t wait for you to clear the motif with the “wing nuts” on it, so you get back to the lighter background thread. I love the contrast between the lighter and darker backgrounds!

  2. This is so gorgeous. I had no idea it was so big, either.. the size alone would intimidate me, but your design is so well done, everything just comes together.

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