Happy Valley Tile Finale

After completing the center of the tile, I needed to finish by creating a small background around it and a final border. The background was stitched in Skip Tent with an overdyed floss that matches the light brown in the vintage canvas. Skip tent is just basketweave stitched on every other row. (It’s also called Twill by some people as well.) Using a light color and fewer plies (I used only 3 instead of 4 or 6 like most of the center), I’ve created a subtle background which allows the canvas color to show through a little without detracting from the dramatic center of the design.

The outer border was stitched with a very dark rose floss color using Cashmere stitch. The color was pulled from the Hungarian stitches of the diamonds and helps “hold” the whole design together. The Cashmere stitch resembles long, thin tiles often used in edging floors and counters. The completed design is just under 4.5 inches square.

This will be framed with an inch of the vintage canvas showing on all sides. That will show off the light brown swirls of the vintage canvas, reinforce the color choice of the stitched background, and add to the old world feel of the piece.

I’m already working on a second Happy Valley Tile using an overdye for the star in the center. It will be posted next Wed. I hope to have the stitching instructions for this tile available at that time as well.


7 responses to “Happy Valley Tile Finale

  1. Very nice. This turned out so pretty! I think the overdye Skip Tent was a great choice for the background. Can’t wzit to see the next one!

  2. The overdye does make it look like a four-way pattern. Very clever!! I really really like this – and would love to do one, so hurry with the pattern! The Satin Floss, being shiny, looks great against the matte of the background and canvas.

  3. Jan – I love the contrast in both color and thread sheen/texture. Skip Tent is such a versatile stitch, shows off your over-dyed thread. Are you going to publish a design for us “lesser mortals” ?

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