Medallion Pillow Finale

To set off the medallion from the rest of the center, I stitched a border in Curry using the Gobelin stitch over 2 threads. I added the Swallow motif at each corner of the center and then stitched the background in Basketweave using the lightest red, Claret. All that was left then was to fill in the rest of the center section using the Byzantine stitch in Classic Navy. Since the pillow is much smaller than the area of the rug that was stitched in Classic Navy, I made the stitch smaller. Instead of stitching over 4 threads and changing direction every 6 threads, I stitched over 3 threads and changed direction every 4 threads.

Now the pillow is completed. As usual, I have second thoughts on something. I’m thinking maybe I should have done the Curry border in the shape of an octagon to mimic the Octagon motif in the corners. But I won’t change anything now. It’s fine the way it is.

The Octagon corners appear lighter when set apart by the medium shading of the Diamond motif on the sides. The background of the center is dark which sets the center medallion apart from everything else. And of course, the center is the lightest to draw your attention there first. Hope you have enjoyed this project.

And I want to include  a photo of the rug as well. You can see there are a lot of similarities between the two projects, but differences as well. I think they work well together. It seems a little funny to me to make an adaptation of the rug, which was an adaptation of an antique Moroccan rug. Now to find something else to work on.


6 responses to “Medallion Pillow Finale

  1. I love seeing the two pieces together. What a great contrast and comparison. How will you bind the edges on the rug? Have you decided if it is destined for the floor or the wall? As always beautiful work, I wish I could see it in person.

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