Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 18

With all the background done around the large motif and the small motifs on each side of it, I’m officially halfway through this rug. When I started, I had hoped to be done by Sept.1. Now it looks like I’ll be at this for most of the fall as well.

I’ve added one small motif on each side of the wide band now and there are only two more on each of the narrow bands left to do for this side of the rug. Switching to the lighter rust (Giraffe), I started the background for the medium motif and began stitching the outline so I can work around it for the background. I’d really like to finish this side by the end of the month, but I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet. Let’s see how far I can get in the next week.


4 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 18

  1. I think it looks great and that is a lot of little x’s so be easy on yourself. You are the most dedicated stitcher I know.

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