Happy Valley Zellig Tile – Second Version

I wanted to show you how you can stitch Happy Valley using threads you have in your stash. For this second version, I used an overdyed thread and then floss for all the other elements. This is something I keep in mind anytime I design a small piece. You should be able to use whatever threads you already have and maybe use up some open skeins. Have fun with these little projects!

Let’s start with the overdyed perle cotton thread. I found this thread while reading the Chris Gary Textile Art blog. I started reading her blog when she was dyeing fabric and playing with Moroccan motifs. I then found out she dyes threads as well. We’ve been emailing back and forth and I now have a few skeins from her last thread dyeing project. She says she will be dyeing threads again this week and hopes to have them up on her Etsy shop called Tribal Cloth soon. Chris calls this thread 3/8s and it is between perle #8 and perle #5 in size. It works perfectly on 18 ct. canvas.

The center of the design is stitched using the same stitches as the DMC Satin Floss version. The differences are in the background and outer border. The outer border was done in Scotch Stitch instead of Cashmere Stitch. I had to move the outer border out by one thread all the way around so the Scotch Stitch would come out even around the outside. The background was changed from Skip Tent to a simple running stitch. If you don’t like doing background, this is an easy way to finish this tile very quickly. I started each “stripe” where two Scotch stitches meet. Then you just stitch over one intersection of threads, and under the next until you reach the center design, move over 4 threads and stitch the next row up to the Scotch stitches. I only used 2 plies of floss for this – a very light touch. The color is just enough to match the lightest shade in the overdye and a little darker than the eggshell canvas.

Little changes, mostly in colors, and this tile has a completely different personality. This is definitely something you should try yourself. Here’s the  first version again, so you can compare.

The instructions for this tile are already done. I’ll post again when they are ready for purchase (over the weekend probably).


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