Introducing Patti Mann

When we moved into our home about four years ago, we had a hard time finding small, blue bedside lamps. We finally found two beautiful ginger jar type lamps that were painted in blue and off-white Oriental decorations. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 4 years trying to find just the right needlepoint pieces to go with the lamps. Enter this gorgeous canvas from Patti Mann ( It’s painted on 13 ct. canvas.

I’ve softened up the colors a little so that exactly match the colors on the lamp. I’m basketweaving the design with Silk & Ivory from Brown Paper Packages. I tried several stitches and threads to come up with a background for the piece. I finally decided on 3 plies of Needlepoint Inc. Silk and I’m using the Woven Stitch from Amy’s Cookbook for Stitchers. It’s stitched in horizontal rows. T Stitch or T Squared I believe are stitched on the diagonal. I have 2 leaves and the flower in the top, left completed and I’ve just started the large container. I worked the background all the way across the top so that I can correctly continue to stitch it around the parts I already have stitched. Each day I work on this, I get 3 strands of Silk & Ivory done and 3 lengths of background done. It will take a while, but will get done eventually. I promised my husband that this would be the next medium-sized project and will keep that promise.

We decided that one blue and white Oriental piece wouldn’t be enough for the bedroom, so I contacted Patti Mann to see where I could get another one of her similar pieces. So I now have a smaller one to do later that is painted on 18 ct. canvas. And Liz Morrow sent me a couple cross-stitch booklets of blue and white designs too. I’ll pull a couple of small things from them as well. So sometime next year we’ll have 4 blue and white pieces framed and hanging in the master bedroom. My blue Moroccan rug will continue in the place of honor over the bed and there is a Jean Hilton design between the room door and the closet. A very blue room.


6 responses to “Introducing Patti Mann

  1. Inge and I did renditions of Willow and Blue Onion, which are Oriental in origin, but produced in England orginally – great blue and white pieces. She may still have one or two in Creative Needle.

  2. These have been very nicely rendered into stitch – the designs can be very complex on real pots and a bit tricky to simplify successfully, but these work very well!

  3. Wow! It’s going to be beautiful (as all of your pieces are). Since I know that you design your own pieces, I have a quick question for you: Does anyone know where I can purchase 10-mesh mono or interlock canvas by the roll? My supplier dried up and I can’t seem to find anyone who sells needlepoint canvas by the roll. Thanks…
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

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