Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 19

Moving along slowly here. The medium motif is completely outlined now and I’ve started filling it in. Almost half of the Giraffe background is done – that makes me quite happy. The motifs that I added in the narrow bands last week have been completed and another one is almost done in the outer band. I’ve decided to concentrate on finishing this outer band first so I can add the double row of Mosaic stitches along the outer and bottom edges. There’s only one more motif to add plus the background. Then I’ll work on the large motif in this section of the rug. I know it’s going to be a tight fit and I’ll end of being closer to the edge than I wanted, but I can’t change that now. It will be the size it needs to be to include all the planned motifs.

I doubt that I will be able to finish this whole section by next Monday. The narrow band on the right will be done and I hope the large motif will be done as well. I’ll do as much background in Giraffe as I can each day. Then I’ll finish the narrow band in the middle. Then I’ll only have two more motifs to add in that row and it won’t take long – maybe 2 days. So close….

I can’t wait to start on the other side and work on the other very large motif.

3 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 19

  1. May I also ask a question?
    Are your rugs destined to be hung on the wall or do you actually use them as rugs on the floor?
    Also, when they are finished, how do you back the reverse side of your rugs?
    Thank you.

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