Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 2

Last week I showed you the start of the second section. I outlined the star with Kreinik 1/16 ribbon in silver.

This week I’ve completed the star. There are three layers to stitch for this area. I started with DMC Satin Floss in teal, then added a second layer in medium gray floss, then stitched the top layer is a light gray #8 perle. To me it seems a little dark, but I’ll leave it and hope that the next section brightens it up.

The next section will add an octagon border around the star. Then will be several steps to fill in the area between the octagon border and the star. This may take a while, but it’s challenging and fun.

And don’t forget to check Liz Morrow’s version on her blog, We’re at the same point in the design and she will be posting today too.


5 responses to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 2

  1. This is beautiful – and so different from Liz’s because of the change in color. Both are amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing the addition of the burgundy Kreinik metallics.

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