Diamonds With a Heart – Progress 1

I pulled this motif from the Mosaic Rug. It’s one of the two medium-sized motifs in the rust bands.  I love this motif and thought it would make a good small tile design. Like the Mosaic Rug, this will be stitched in all Mosaic stitches. (I seem to be stuck in this Mosaic stitch mode right now.)

I started by stitching the outline of the motif with four plies of bright cobalt blue. Then I started to fill in the small areas around the edges with four plies of a ThreadWorX overdyed floss. It’s very light yellow in color.

With the light overdye filled in, the next step was to add the bright yellow details inside the diamonds.

I’ll fill in the star in the middle next. And the last step will be to fill in all the diamonds. I’ll use a mix of solid colored floss and overdyed floss. Shouldn’t take long to finish this little design.

I’m enjoying working with these small, quick designs. I have about 4 more in the planning stages. So there will be more surprises coming over the next month. Stay tuned.


6 responses to “Diamonds With a Heart – Progress 1

  1. A quick question…Are you left handed? I ask because I noticed that your stitches slant to the left. If I were using Mosic stitches the way you are, mine would slant to the right.

    Just curious!

    btw, the piece is coming along swimmingly.

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