Diamonds With a Heart – Finale

Continuing on this project, I filled in the smaller diamonds with a Needle Necessities blue overdye floss, using 4 plies. Then I filled in the center with an overdye yellow floss from Anchor.

When you use an overdye to fill in an area, you often get stripes or blotches of the lighter or darker color. I didn’t like it and ripped it all out. To solve the problem, I again used 4 plies of the yellow overdye, but did something different before I started stitching. I took 2 plies and turned them in the opposite direction from the first 2 plies. So there were 2 plies of the light color and 2 plies of the dark color at each end. This makes the changes in color more subtle but does show some variation. It isn’t blotchy like the first attempt and it isn’t a solid color either. I like this much better.

To finish it all off, I chose a lighter solid blue that matches the overdye in the smaller diamonds for the larger diamonds. I filled in the spaces in the yellow part of the motif with a darker solid blue, again matching the blue overdye. This motif is one of the medium-sized motifs from the Mosaic Rug. It definitely looks VERY different with the change in color scheme. What colors would you use for this 4.5″ design?


4 responses to “Diamonds With a Heart – Finale

  1. The second picture is really pretty – I like what you did with the yellow overdye, as it was too splotchy and destracting in the first photo. This is a great looking design. I’d love to do it, but would have to dump out my stash to look at color choices.

  2. Since I am a big fan of blue and yellow, I would probably work it in the colors you used! I like look of the blue overdye, as it gives something other than a solid color, but is not as noticable as the yellow was.
    I am glad to learn the tip about using variagated floss. I have had the same problem with the color coming out in stripes, but had not thought of a way to solve the problem. I like your second attempt much better. Thanks for the tip. Sandi

  3. Often when I use the overdyes and/or variegated flosses, I figure out which way I want the colors to move — center to outside, left to right, etc and use the threads to get that effect. Sorry if it is not all that clear, but I think you can figure out what I mean.

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