Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 3

Last post, I said I was worried that the star was too dark on this project but would leave it alone and see how the next section worked. Well I feel better about it now.

I thought using 2 plies of floss in the star instead of perle #12 was too heavy, so when I did the crescents I only used one ply of floss. It looks better, more delicate. The rest of the area was filled in with 4-way stitching. The areas next to the star points were done with 1 ply of DMC Satin Floss. The areas around the outside of the star was done with 1 ply of floss. The colors all look more balanced now. But there is a long way to go on this.

Liz Morrow (don’t forget to check out her version today too) and I both will not have time to work on this any more this week, so it will be several weeks before we have the next section completed. As this project grows, it takes longer to complete a step. So this will be back in early October.


5 responses to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 3

  1. Jan, I like the contrast of the gray and the aqua.It doesn’t look too dark any more. It is interesting to see how the image changes as more areas are filled in. Looking forward to seeing the next step. I love the design.


  2. This is why sometimes we have to damp down our first reaction and see whether the next stages of something pull all the colours and tones into their right relationships. Clearly in this case the answer is yes…

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