Which Do You Prefer?

As you know, I only do needlepoint. But I know I have readers who embroider, quilt, cross stitch, etc. I want to be able to share my  designs with all of you. So I have a question – Which do you prefer?

  • A black and white pattern using symbols for the colors
  • A colored square  only pattern
  • A colored square with symbols for the colors pattern

Above is an example of all three styles.

Not all my patterns can be done with this kind of chart. Sometimes you really need the stitch diagrams in order to duplicate the patterns that I create. But the last tile I did – Diamonds With a Heart – is just Mosaic stitches. Designs done with just one or two stitches can be made into charts like the ones above.

Each square is a stitch –

  • One Mosaic stitch
  • One Basketweave stitch (a slightly smaller finished design)
  • One cross stitch (a very small design, depending on the material you use)
  • Even one Scotch stitch (a slightly bigger finished design)

This little motif is 15 stitches wide and 15 stitches tall. On the left it is 1.75″ in Mosaic stitch on 18 ct, just under one inch when done in Basketweave on 18 ct (the middle), and just under .75″ when done in cross stitch on 24 count Congress Cloth (on the right). (I don’t have any cross stitch material, so my apologies to all the cross stitchers out there.)

Please comment or send me an email (email link is on the right side of the blog) and let me know which you prefer. Designs done in charts like this will sell a little cheaper than the needlepoint designs that have stitch diagrams. Thank you to all who take the time to let me know. The charts will be available next week.


    5 responses to “Which Do You Prefer?

    1. The only comment I would make is that if you are using a black and white chart (which I think is the best, for a variety of reasons) you will make the chart ever so much easier to read if you pick the symbols carefully – dark symbols for dark colours and light symbols for light colours. The structure of the design will be very clear if you do that, and it will be easy to follow.

    2. Jan, as you know,I do both cross stitch and needlepoint, and so I prefer the charts that just have the color squares. I know they are easier for me to read, and if there was a case where you had 2 colors very close in color, you could always add a symbol to one or both so they could be told apart. With the color charts without symbols, I could also then draw my stitches onto the chart to see how they worked together, and as a guide when I start to stitch.

      I like the samples you have worked up of the same design in different stitches. It really shows the many ways a design can be used. Sandi

    3. My personal preference has always been for black and white charts, but I also like it better when the density(?) of the symbols is more varied. For example, if a chart is using letters, I find it difficult to follow, but when . + # * ! symbols are used, there is enough difference so each stitch is easy to see.

    4. I think I also prefer the black and white charts. However, the symbols used need to be chosen with care!
      I once did a cross-stitch chart which used various Greek letter symbols. It was terrible to do!!

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