Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 4

I finally finished Part 7 – a ring of petals like the center of the piece. They were done in the same two shades of teal as the center. We’re closing in on the end of the first canvas now. I’ll explain that at another time – in case you’ve never done a Ro Pace piece like this one.

Now I’ll spend a few days a week working on the crescents and Jessicas that fit around the petals.  They will be stitched in silver and grays, some cotton threads and some Kerinik 1/16 ribbon. I won’t post on this again for two weeks. I hope I can get them all done by then. I don’t work on this every day. And life is getting hectic here too. Too many projects right now.

Don’t forget to check out Liz‘s blog to see her progress today as well.


3 responses to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 4

  1. Wow! This look just fabulous – I’ll never forget my first ANG National Seminar in Detroit, meeting Jean Hilton there and having her say when explaining one of her Amadeus stitches that the “most difficult part is counting from one to two” – I told her that if anyone outside the needlepoint world heard that remark, they’d think we were all pretty slow…………can’t wait to see your finished project.

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