Thank You and Diamonds With a Heart Version 2

A big thank you to everyone who left a comment or sent email about the kind of charts you prefer. As I expected, it was pretty evenly divided. The people who do needlepoint prefer the colored squares. People who do cross stitch prefer the black and white charts. Liz Morrow gave me another suggestion for stitching the pattern as well. Each square could be a square of fabric for those who quilt! I’ll add that to the list. So I think when I release the pattern for sale the end of next week, I’ll do both a black and white chart and one with colored squares. That way you can choose the one that is best for your stitching style.

As usual, I have to make a second version of my smaller designs. Since it is officially fall now, I started working on a yellow piece of 18 ct canvas using an overdye thread from Laura Perin. (She sells some of her dyed threads when she does workshops, so I got 3 different colors of perle #5 when she taught at our local ANG chapter.) Because I’m using a colored canvas, I won’t completely fill in the diamonds. I’ll have it finished next week and will show it to you when I have the pattern ready for sale. I’ll try to get a better photo as well. This canvas is really a bright yellow and just isn’t showing up well in this photo.


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