Priorities and Decisions

Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that I normally post every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You also know that I’ve had 5 projects going at once for quite a while. All that is about to change. During the heat wave that just ended, I haven’t been in the mood to stitch a lot, so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. So here are my priorities and decisions from now on.

1. I’m stressing myself out by doing 5 things at once. From now on 3 projects will be the maximum.

2. Priority 1 – Finish Projects that are started.

I’ll spend more time on the Mosaic Rug and the Mediterranean Tile to get them finished as quickly as possible.

No work will be done on the Patchwork Rug until these two projects are done.

Get more charted designs and stitching instructions completed and ready for sale. (The second version of the Diamonds With a Heart is completed and the chart is finished. I just have to get the document together and create the PDF. Another day or two at most.)

3. Priority 2 – Design smaller projects for a while

Switch to designing pillows for the fall and winter instead of rugs. And spread out to other parts of the world for inspiration. The first pillow will be based on designs from Anatolia (specifically Eastern Turkey).

I’ve got one quilt square design ready to go and will work on a couple more.

I’m also working on something really new for me – an abstract design.

4. Priority 3 – Blogging

I will continue to post about the Mosaic Rug every Monday. Other posts will be done as I have something to show, charts to sell, or inspiration and sample stitching to share. I won’t be stitching to a schedule anymore. I plan to enjoy my stitching more with a casual schedule. I’ll post at least 2 times a week, more if I have something to share with you.

I want to take my designs to another level – more original, more countries, new stitches. Thank you for supporting me over the last two years.


5 responses to “Priorities and Decisions

  1. Good for you Jan. What we enjoy doing can become a chore very easily if we let it. I am finishing up a needlepointed natavity set and have really enjoyed working on it over the last several months.

  2. Glad to hear you taking steps to ease the burden before it gets too much. It’s so easy to pile too many obligations on oneself and then wonder why the world seems so wearing!

  3. I know this feeling too!

    Things get on top of you and nothing seems to give the pleasure that it should!

    Go with the flow Jan…and fly all over the planet in search of inspiration to stitch…’s fun (even if you fly online or in a book :-)))

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