Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 5

I can tell that all these projects have worn me out. I finished the next section, took a photo, and started on the next section. When I picked it up Sunday, I found mistakes. Today’s photo isn’t the best because of this.

I finally got to use another color (Garnet Kreinik #8) braid to outline the petals in this layer. I forgot to put in the line between the two petals at the corners. I’ve corrected that but I had already started the next step so it isn’t in today’s photo. #8 perle in light gray and dark gray was used to do the small crescents and Jessicas, and Kreinik 1/16 ribbon was used for the larger crescents in between the petals. I really like the stitch Ro chose for these. They look gorgeous!

The last step on this canvas is a set of three braids around the whole piece. Two are done in silver and the middle one is done in another color (fuschia in my color scheme). When I show you this piece next week, I’ll explain about the second canvas. Liz and I are doing that part of the design differently. Don’t forget to check out Liz’s blog to see her version of this design today.


3 responses to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 5

  1. Very pretty – it looks so different from Liz’s with the two different color schemes and threads. This is work I admire greatly, but would never do – it’s not soothing for me. It’s grand that there is something for everyone in needlework!

  2. This pattern is in my to do queue, so I following you closely. Your project is beautiful and inspired me to do it as well. I love your color choices. But, I was looking over the instructions and wondering if much is gained by doing the two separate canvases. What do you think would be lost by doing it on one?

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