Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 26

I’ve been working hard each morning, trying to get as far as possible this past week. 20 days left in October so that’s how long I have to get this finished. Not sure I can make it, but I will definitely be trying to meet my self-inposed deadline.

The large motif is almost done, just background to go. It should be done tomorrow. I need to work on the narrow band across the bottom for a couple of days.

I also need to stitch the plain rows of Gazelle and Giraffe to the right of this large motif to set up the area for the last of the larger motifs. This last one is a repeat of the one on the top, left in the photo below. It was modified a little to create the Diamonds With a Heart design that is almost ready to sell. (I’ve had technical difficulties but I think it is finally solved as of last night.)

Oh, that’s a lot of space still to fill in. I hope to be outlining the last motif by next Monday. Cross your fingers.


3 responses to “Mosaic Needlepoint Rug – Progress 26

  1. You can do it!! This is my favorite thing you’ve done. I really like the touches of green. I’m feeling this way about the big Celadon canvas I started for my son in 1996. I’m almost done, and very very tired of it – but I shall persevere.

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