Diamonds With a Heart Now Available for Purchase

I’ve learned a lot about charts and symbols over the last week – and taking jpg photos to put in documents, etc. I found out that the software I use for the charts doesn’t seem to know which symbols it has used and will often reuse the same symbol for more than two colors. So I did the charts about 5 times until everything was right. I know what to look for now. Then my husband found a way for me to take a screen capture of my charts just using a few keystrokes.

The second version of Diamonds With a Heart has been done for 2 weeks and I can show it to you now. It was done completely in Scotch Stitch and measures about 7″. The original done in Mosaic Stitch is about 4.5″.

You saw the beginning of the design with only part of the framework in place. It was done with #5 perle cotton overdye. I filled in the little diamonds with medium green #5 perle cotton. The larger diamond shapes had the little patterns stitched in perle cotton #5 as well. The center I wanted to look like a pile of leaves, and I’m not sure I succeeded in that. I used 4 plies of floss in two different colors to stitch it. Most of it was stitched with DMC #111 variegated floss. Some stitches were done in DMC Color Variations # 1426, Desert Canyon. This has light shades of olive, orange, and gold.

It is now available for purchase for $3.00 on my website on the Charted Designs page. The file contains both a black and white version of the chart and a colored version of the chart. That way you can choose the one you prefer and just print that one.


3 responses to “Diamonds With a Heart Now Available for Purchase

  1. This is very pretty, with lots of possibilities for different looks with different colors. I don’t do high tech computer stuff for my charts – I do it the easy way with graph paper and colored felt tip pens.

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