Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 6

I have now completed the Base canvas for this project. I’ve even attached all the little silver beads.

According to the instructions for this piece, I have a second canvas of the same size mounted on the stretcher bars now. The last layer is more petals, crescents, and braid – but done in different colors this time. When the stitching is done, I’ll cut a hole in the middle and follow Ro’s instructions to slowly pull out some threads and fold and stitch the edge so this will fit over the Base canvas and give it the appearance of being set higher than the Base. This Overlay canvas is one of the reasons I wanted to do this piece. I have 2 ideas for future projects where I want to use this technique. So I’m excited to finally reach the last stage of this project. The stitching will take several weeks, since I don’t work on this project every day.

Be sure to check out Liz’s version today as well. She will be stitching the whole design on just one piece of canvas. This will give you two different looks for the same design. We’re both curious to see how this works out.


2 responses to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 6

  1. This does look lovely. It will be good to compare the all-on-one-piece with the two layer version. With these techniques you have to be sure that the effort is repaid by the final effect!

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