Tree Of Life Quilt Block – A Start

I’ve started a new, small project to share with you. Fall has been official for about a month now, but I’m just finding time to work on a fall project. I have 3 new quilt block designs that I will be stitching over the next month or so and decided to start with Tree Of Life so I could use some new threads that I really like.

The first Tree of Life blocks I found were on a slant and I tilted it up straight for my project. Then I found this version which is more like the one I’m stitching. I wanted this to look like a tree in October, changing colors from green to red, orange, and gold. So I needed some new threads.

These are all DMC threads – regular floss on the left, Color Variations in the middle, and Variegated Floss on the right. I may not use all of these, but I wanted a variety of colors to play with. Color Variations is new for me. This is an overdye floss, packaged in small skeins like their regular floss.

The one in the middle of the 3 shown is # 4126 (Desert Canyon) and it’s my favorite. It contains soft versions of orange, gold, and olive and resemble the trees outside my home. With that decision made, I had to get started right away. The parts of the quilt that are green in the block shown above are stitched in DMC Color Variations #4126 using all 6 plies in Oriental Stitch.

This didn’t take very long to finish, so I decided later in the evening to finish this part of the design. You’ll notice that my tree is larger than the original quilt block. I didn’t want a skimpy tree – I wanted a full treetop that will spill its leaves on the ground below it.

My next step will be to fill in the empty areas of the treetop with solid colors of floss in a very light stitch, not completely covering the space. I want just a hint of more color. If I get that finished before I’m ready to post again, I’ll try to start on the trunk of the tree using 3 shades of brown.

I’m only using floss for this project. Needlepoint doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It will look beautiful with just simple threads. DMC now has more types of floss to choose from and I plan to do all 3 quilt blocks using just DMC floss, Color Variations, Satin Floss, and Light Effects (a metallic floss). Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come.


5 responses to “Tree Of Life Quilt Block – A Start

  1. Absolutely gorgeous colors – and one of my very favorites of the traditional American patchwork patterns. It’s really incredible how much you can do with just simple DMC products. I will enjoy watching this one develop.

  2. Hi, Jan. I love the way the colors flow together. I enjoy using DMC products and am glad that you are showcasing them in this design. Did you strip the floss and put it back together before you stitched the block, or is this the way it came off the skein? I always strip my floss because I’ve found that the twist off the skein affects how flat the floss can be laid, and yours looks very flat and shiny, which I like. Looking forward to seeing the whole design! Sandi

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