2nd Anniversary Today

Today marks the end of my second year of blogging!! There is no way to express my thanks and amazement to all of you who visit this blog and watch me stitch as the days and months go by. Over 53,000 hits from 120 countries in 2 years!! Absolutely awesome!

I’ve been too busy to create a new, small design to give to you today. I’ll try to correct that in a few weeks. Until then, there are many new visitors to the blog that weren’t here a year ago, so I’ll share last year’s freebie pattern again today. The photo below shows the small tile all stitched up in needlepoint. Below that is the chart I created that showed how it would look it the pattern was repeated, like a tile floor. Feel free to copy it and share it with others if you wish.

Thank you all again!!


6 responses to “2nd Anniversary Today

  1. I love this pattern, and missed it the first time – just what I need today!! I finished my son’s big Celadon piece last night at 11:04, after starting it in 1996. Now I need something charming and simple that I didn’t draw and paint myself. This will do it well! I love your blog and hope you continue the wonderful adaptations you do.

  2. Congratulations on your second anniversary. It’s been a real pleasure to follow your progress with your designs. All the best for the following year

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday 🙂

    I have only been following your blog for a relatively short while but want to say a big Thank You for sharing your work with us.

    It’s been really great being able to see how your patterns develop.

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