Tree of Life Quilt Block – Progress 2

I’ve completed the treetop now. I wanted to fill in the triangles that are normally white in a quilt. But I didn’t want to do anything that would take away from the overdye DMC Color Variations that I used for the first part of the treetop. So I pulled out 3 DMC colors from the group I showed you a few days ago. First I tried DMC Color Variations #4070 – very pale green with touches of yellow. It just faded away against the parts that were already stitched. I finally stitched the sections using 2 plies of #4070 and 2 plies of #742 on the right side of the treetop and #4070 and #471 on the left side of the treetop. I wanted subtle shading to look like there is a little more sunlight on the right side of the tree than on the left side. Yes, #471 doesn’t really go well with the Color Variations #4126, but used with Color Variations #4070 it is toned down and works very well.

Then I needed to decide on a stitch to use. I wanted a light touch, not completely filling in the triangles. I chose Skip Tent and since there is such a small area to work on, only 6 stitches were placed in each triangle. Here’s what I ended up with.

Next I’ll work on the tree trunk. See you again in a few days.


4 responses to “Tree of Life Quilt Block – Progress 2

  1. The shading from right to left on the tree is very subtle. I had to enlarge the photo before I could see the difference. Nice effect!

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