Tree of Life Quilt Block – Progress 3

I worked on the tree trunk last week and didn’t like it at all. I was trying to make it look more like a real tree, and it was too dark and too heavy for the treetop. So I ripped it all out and started over yesterday. I went back to something more in keeping with the actual quilt block. The tree trunk is now stitched using straight stitches over 4 threads with DMC floss # 433. I then filled in the empty spaces with 6 strands of Anchor floss #359. It adds a little texture to the trunk but keeps the straight lines of the quilt pattern.

Now I need to work on the grass around the bottom of the trunk, using some overdye floss and maybe some solid colors as well. I also need to put a border around the block and a light touch for the background. I think I’ll stay with Blanc DMC floss for both of those. I tipped the tree up for this block, but the border will put an on-point frame around it. I’ll be back in a few days with some progress.


3 responses to “Tree of Life Quilt Block – Progress 3

  1. I would use DMC 712 or Ecru rather than Blanc, as that’s too bright white for this canvas. You’ve done a great job on that trunk – woodsy texture, but it retains the geometric look of the traditional patchwork. Good job, and I love the colors.

  2. The shape of the trunk fits in well with the branches. I’d vote for ecru in the background–a little softer against the orange-gold branches.

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