Tree of Life – Progress 4

With the tree completed, it was time to put a border around it to define the space that I have left to stitch. I decided to imitate the shape of the leaves from the treetop for the border. It was stitched using 4 plies of DMC floss #3865 (Winter White). The Blanc was too white and Ecru just didn’t look right to me.

The original quilt block has the border touching the trunk on each side and the treetop at the top of the square. The original also had another small section of the treetop that was higher than the rest of the treetop. I chose not to do that so that I would have room for some sky all the way around the design. The bottom of the diamond, under the tree trunk, will be grass and leaves. I’ll do that last.

For the sky, I chose two light blues – DMC #3841 and #827. I wanted a hint of blue, not solid stitching, so I used 3 plies of floss and a stitch Amy Bunger calls Alicia’s Lace. If you enlarge the photo you will be able to see this better. I started with #3841 and did the running stitch slanted to the right first. This stitch is done on every other thread and every other row. I did all of step one the right side before I started on the second step. You can see step one under the tree on the right side. Then I started the second step, making the running stitches that slant to the left – again using 3 plies of #3841. You can see this part above the tree on the right side. Because this is done in two steps, you can use two different threads to do some subtle shading. I’ll show you that in the next post when the sky is completed. See you in a few days for the finish of this little quilt block.

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