Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 7

Last post, I showed you the base canvas all done. I’m showing it again so you can see the change of colors from the base to the overlay.

The overlay starts with the petals, which I now have finished. The little threads showing in the center of the design are because there are no places to secure the threads. I’ve knotted the threads and the ends will be covered when I do the borders in the next step.

With this part of the design completed, I’ll be doing the 3 borders on the inside of the petals next. They will also be done in fucshia and silver.

Be sure to check in on Liz’s blog today too. She is doing the overlay parts on the same canvas as the base canvas. So things will look different on our two blogs from now on. Should be interesting to see how things go.


One response to “Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace – Progress 7

  1. I’m going to be particularly intrigued to see how this is finished and assembled, and the difference it makes to the final appearance compared with the version Liz is doing.

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