Introducing Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Block

When I downloaded a photo of this block a couple months ago, the site had it labeled Bachelor’s Puzzle. When I went looking for a better photo, I couldn’t find anything like this. Bachelor’s Puzzle is very different. So searching through quilt block sites, I found this block called Young Man’s Fancy shown in just brown and cream. This is the block I’ve been playing with for the last week for a new project. So Young  Man’s Fancy it is.

Of course, I will be changing the colors to brighter colors. Below are the colors I’ll be using. On the left are some metallic ribbons that will go with the color scheme but I’m not sure I’ll be using them. On the top, right are the DMC floss colors I’ll be using with DMC Satin Floss in 3 different colors just below the floss. There is also one unlabeled cotton thread that may get used in this block. It’s Violets Mix from Chris Gray’s Mabon Arts website.

I’ll try to get started over the next day or two and post something by the end of the week.


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