Young Man’s Fancy Needlepoint Quilt Square – Progress 1

These photos are a quick reminder of the quilt square I’m working on now. The photo on the left is the original version I downloaded with the wrong name. I’ve decided to stay with this version. I’m using only one band to join the sets of small squares.

When I saw this block for the first time, I knew exactly how I wanted to do the small squares. This small squares show up much better in the photo on the left, since it is done in more than one color.  I’m using 4 plies of DMC’s Satin Floss to stitch these large Scotch Stitches over 6 threads. The darker color is # S550 and the lighter color is # S553. I’m using a pin or L stitch to start and end each length of Satin Floss. I don’t want the ends to come loose while I’m working on the squares nearby.

I haven’t gotten very far, since I wasn’t home on Wed. I’ll get back to work now and see if I can finish this section before I post again next week.


One response to “Young Man’s Fancy Needlepoint Quilt Square – Progress 1

  1. It would never have occurred to me to use quilt blocks to inspire my work (not really geometrically minded!) so these are very interesting to me.

    An such completely different colours than you used in the Tree of Life design!

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