Patchwork Quilt Needlepoint Rug – Progress 7

This rug hasn’t been worked on for several months. But now that the Mosaic Rug is completed, I’m working on it a little each morning (well, most mornings). Last time you saw it, I had finished working my way across the top borders of all 4 feet of this canvas. I had also done about one third of blocks 2 and 3.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been able to complete the 2nd block and I wanted to show you.

So now I can move my chair about a foot to the left and continue to work on square 3. Here’s how it looks right now. It’s coming along nicely. All the borders are done across the top, so I can scroll up as I need to now. And 2 squares are completed. Not bad for such a huge project (4′ X 5′) since I adopted it in February with only the top right corner and part of square 1 completed. I feel like I’m really making some progress at last.

I can’t wait to finish this first row of squares. It will nice to look at something new after all these months. I’ll be back with another photo about this rug when square 3 is completed. I hope I can get that far before the end of the year.


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