Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Square – Progress 2

I have completed all of the small squares and the bands that connect them. They were all done in DMC Satin Floss.

I didn’t run the Satin Floss through a damp paper towel this time. It would probably look a little smoother if I had.

I’ve just started on the triangles that are located at the outer corner of each block of plum colored squares. I’m using 4 plies of DMC floss #3345 for the frame and DMC floss #3347 for the Mosaic stitches inside the Framed Mosaic. I’ve only completed the first one so far.

There are 3 of these triangles at each corner. I’ll be back when I’ve completed the other 11 triangles, hopefully by the end of the week. It’s nice having a project that moves along so quickly right now. But I’m also working on Mediterranean Tile and have started a Christmas gift so I rotate through the three projects as I have time.


3 responses to “Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Square – Progress 2

  1. Pretty colors. I have NEVER found a need to do the damp thing with DMC Satin Floss. Not necessary. The old Rayon Floss was crinkly, so I didn’t use it – if something is difficult to use, find something else.

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