Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Block – Progress 3

My computer arrived by Fed Ex from Texas today, repaired and ready to go. Here’s hoping there are no more problems.

I’ve been working on this quilt block each day and taking photos as I completed each step. So today you get the next two steps.

I started by finishing the 12 triangles stitched in Framed Mosaic.

Then I decided to stitch the border next, so you would see what areas still needed to be stitched. I used 4 plies of DMC floss #500 and stitched the border in Scotch Stitch.

Notice the color difference between the dark squares in the center and the border? They are both #500 but the threads are different. I’ve talked about this before when I was stitching Safari by Terry Dryden. The type of thread determines how the dye is absorbed. The cotton floss is darker than the rayon floss, even though they are the same number. Something to keep in mind when  you are deciding which colors and threads to use in a particular project.

I’ll post again in a couple of days with the next two sections.


5 responses to “Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Block – Progress 3

  1. This is looking good! I love working with quilt blocks too. Remember about thread appearance also that fiber content of a thread makes a difference in surface appearance (as well as the stitch itself) Rayon is not a natural fiber, as are cotton, wool, and silk. Animal fibers – like wool, have a nap that makes them appear darker. Silk is animal, but perfectly smooth without being “hard shine” like synthetics.

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