A Pat Mazu Stocking

Last year at our local ANG Chapter meeting, we started this little stocking. I love the design and all the ribbon floss. All of that was done quickly, but I abandoned the stocking because I’ve never been fond of beading and I couldn’t make them look right. Until today.

I went to Judy Harper’s Possibilities, Etc. to post a comment and saw that she had her Beading Book (parts 1 and 2) on sale and immediately bought them. I quickly received the two files and did some reading. I knew to double strand the thread used to sew on the beads so you could go through the bead once and then a second time with the two strands on each side of the bead to hold it in place. But I learned something too. I’ve always gone straight across a thread to sew them on, and they never sit right and wiggle. (And here I am sewing on 260 beads on Mediterranean Tile!). Judy sews them on across an intersection and they stay put!!

The book has other suggestions, illustrations from her work for you to see (and inspire you), and charts of bead placement for your designs. Maybe I’ll be inspired to create some new designs using beads myself. Go check it out while it’s still on sale.


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