Young Man’s Fancy Quilt Block – Finale

I only had two small areas to finish on this quilt block. For the four corners, I used the same variation of Oriental stitch using 4 plies DMC Blanc for the Milanese stitch and 4 plies DMC #772 for the second color. So the corners are now complete.

The last section was the center of the block. I showed you the Alicia’s Lace stitch on the Tree of LIfe block. There is was used to shade the sky. This time I used two different colors to create a lighter effect than using one solid color. I used 4 plies of DMC Blanc to do all the stitches that slanted to the left and 4 plies of DMC #772 to do all the stitches that slanted to the right. I found it interesting that the center appears to pick up a little of the violet from the Satin Floss square so the center looks green with a slight touch of very pale violet. This is more noticeable when there is a light shining on the piece. The light reflects off the Satin Floss.

So my second quilt block is finished.

I chose darker, brighter colors to set off the main elements of the quilt block and stitched them first. Like the original quilt block, the rest of the design was done in white or white with lighter shades of the main colors. This sets off the main elements very well.

I showed you all of the threads that I had pulled before starting this project. After completing the Satin Floss part of the design, I decided that adding metallic threads to the block would take away from the Satin Floss, so I put them all away. I only used floss for the rest of the design. If I were making a tiny version of this for an ornament, metallics would look good, but I decided regular quilt blocks wouldn’t look as good if stitched with metallics.

I’ll start the last of the quilt blocks later this week.


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