Goose Tracks Quilt Square – a Start

Time to start on the third and last quilt block. This time it’s a block called Goose Tracks.

This one will also be the smallest at just 4 inches square. I started by selecting the colors to use.

Going with my favorites of turquoise and rust, I selected 5 shades of turquoise and 3 shades of Mahogany. To add to these solid colors, I selected one of DMC’s Colorations (on the bobbin) which has many shades of turquoise and 2 skeins of DMC’s Light Effects (a metallic floss). In my last post, I said metallics wouldn’t work well for these quilt blocks, but I wanted to try out Light Effects so I will use some on just two parts of the design. The rest will all be just floss.

I started with the four arms of the design. I used 4 plies of DMC #597 floss and 2 plies of # E135 Light Effects to stitch the arms using the Brick Stitch.

As you can see, the metallic floss doesn’t show up on every stitch. It’s like a blending filament, but a little rougher texture. The metallic floss has turquoise, gold, and a touch of copper so it will work well with the other colors. Next, I’ll do the small center square and then start of the area between the arms.


5 responses to “Goose Tracks Quilt Square – a Start

  1. It’s useful to use the metallics in one small section in this small projects, because then you can analyse the effect and know what it will do in a larger context.

  2. Hi,
    I notice you have chosen DMC Light Effects and wonder if you don’t mind me asking a question?

    I recently bought myself a range of these; seemed like a cost effective way of introducing some metallic sparkle. However, I am finding it really difficult to use! Very difficult to thread in a needle (possibly I need a bigger eyed needle?) and whilst sewing, the thread quickly breaks up at the point where it is in the needle eye and the thread easily breaks up along its length. Found this last happening most obviously with green. I have used a short length of thread (about 10 inches I guess) but find I’m constantly trimming off some thread so I’m wasting loads!

    Is there a ‘knack’ to using Light Effects?

    Thank you šŸ™‚

    • Elaine,
      You’re right to use the shorter length. If it’s still breaking, maybe you’re using too many plies. Try it again with fewer plies and see if that helps to lessen the breakage. Or try a needle that is a little bigger – to open the hole a little more. DMC publishes a floss guide with lots of tips for all of their threads. You can find a link to the DMC Gloss Guide in my Blogroll to the right. Using a slip knot at the eye of the needle will also help to keep the thread from moving around as you stitch. Hope this helps.

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