Goose Tracks Quilt Square – Progress 2

It’s a small project, but I seem to be moving in slow motion.

The center square was done in Rhodes Stitch. I used 4 plies of DMC # 3776 and went around the square filling in every other hole. Then I stitched the rest of the stitches with 2 plies of #3776 and 2 plies of DMC #E301 Light Effects. This adds a touch of sparkle to the center, but it’s mostly just floss.

Then I worked on the area between the arms. I used Mosaic Checker for this section. I started by using 4 plies of DMC floss #3776 to stitch Mosaic stitches leaving a 2-thread space between them. Then I went back and filled in the spaces using 4 plies of DMC floss # 402 to do four Tent stitches.

I’ll stitch the border next and then fill in the rest of the block.


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