Goose Tracks Quilt Square – Progress 3

I had two ideas for the border for this little block. I decided on one and started to stitch – only to find out it didn’t fit in the space. Hmmm. I counted the threads for one side of the block and found that it only had room for 67 stitches. 67? That isn’t divisible by 3, 4, or anything. So out the window with both ideas for the border. Now I needed a border that was just simple and wouldn’t require a specific number of stitches to complete.

The sections that are left to do will be mostly dark shades of turquoise and mahogany, so I decided to stay with the two threads that I originally planned for the border. I started with DMC floss #3811 (the lightest shade I have) and did a Gobelin stitch over 2 threads. This light color will be a good separation between the overdye and the darker colors that will be in the corners. Then I switched to DMC Colorations #4025, which contains lots of shades of turquoise, using Gobelin over 3 threads.

This afternoon I’ll do the crescents in the corners and see if I have time to start on the section that separates the lighter mahogany shades from the dark turquoise of the corner. I’ll post that on Monday.

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