Goose Tracks Quilt Square – Progress 4

Time to start filling in the four corners now. I started with 6 plies of DMC floss #400 to do the chevrons in the four corners. These are all straight stitches.

Then I added the Gobelin stitches to separate the lighter mahogany stitches in the center with the rest of the square that still needs to be stitched. I used 6 plies of DMC floss #3809 for this.  Just a little more to go. I’ll be back on Wednesday with the finale.

I saved this smaller block for last because there’s more going on at home right now. The packages have been mailed (just this morning), so it’s time to get the house dressed up a little. And I don’t have another project ready to go just yet, so I’ll need to get busy with designs and practice stitching over the next few days as well.

5 responses to “Goose Tracks Quilt Square – Progress 4

  1. The hardest part is done–just a little filling in and you’ll be finished. Life sure has a way of interrupting stitching at this time of year!

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