Goose Tracks Quilt Block – Finale

To finish off the block, I needed more dark colors in the corner sections. I started with DMC floss #3810 for the darkest turquoise color. I tried several stitches, including Diagonal Mosaic, and didn’t like any of them. So I used 4 plies of #3810 to Basketweave the areas to the left and right of the chevrons.

That left the little squares in the corners to be stitched. I didn’t want to do the Rhodes stitch again because it is too high profile for the corners. So I used my laying tool to enlarge the center hole of each corner and did an Eyelet stitch. I started with 4 plies of DMC #597 and stitched around the square, leaving 3 holes open on each side. I went back to fill in those holes using 4 plies of DMC #598. It lightens up the corners a tiny bit, but the difference between the two colors is not very great. If you enlarge the photo, you will see the lighter color on top.

These three little quilt squares have been a lot of fun to design and stitch. I’ll have the stitching instructions available after the holidays. My intent with these quilt patterns was to show you that you can create beautiful needlepoint pieces without spending a lot of money. Simple threads are easy to find and easy to use.

Have a very joyous holiday!


8 responses to “Goose Tracks Quilt Block – Finale

  1. The basketweave is just right to provide a background for the other elements. It isn’t without texture, it just doesn’t make a fuss and argue with other stitches!

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