Blue and White Patti Mann Canvas Finished

I showed you this painted canvas shortly after I started it. It’s been my relaxing, evening project for a while now. But I’m trying to complete things before the end of the year, and this one was completed last night. That just about clears everything out that I had started.

It’s on 13 ct canvas and the design itself was stitched completely in Basketweave using Silk & Ivory. The background was stitched in T-Stitch using 3 strands of Needlepoint Inc. Silk #991BB. This will be framed and put in our white, beige, and Wedgewood blue bedroom.

This week I’ll be setting up some new projects for the new year, but you’ll get some glimpses over the next two weeks. One is the next relaxing project in Basketweave, one is a design I’m working on from Anatolia, and the last is another set of coasters – this time from the Anti Atlas area of Morocco. See you again soon.


6 responses to “Blue and White Patti Mann Canvas Finished

  1. Very pretty! This will be a lovely addition to your color theme in your room. I’m working on things for relaxation that I had put away years ago that need to be finished. This is good, as one doesn’t have to “think”

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