Blue Talavera by Judy Harper

My next relaxing Basketweave project has been on stretcher bars for a month and begging for my attention. Today this beautiful canvas gets my full attention.

Judy Harper has been designing and painting needlepoint canvases forever (well 40 years at least!). I’ve seen photos of her gorgeous Imari and Talavera pillow-sized canvases and envied anyone who actually had one. Over the past year or so, she has done smaller Talavera pieces: stockings, angels, and fish. She doesn’t paint these larger size pieces anymore. So I am thrilled that she would paint one for me this past year. It’s very special to me and I just love having this one!

I’ll work on it in the evenings downstairs this week to get it started. Then it will be returned to the small rug frame in the needlepoint room so I can work on it for a little while in the mornings.

Judy has been going through a lot of her older designs lately, so check out her post this morning about Conical Topiaries. She always comes up with great, unusual designs.


8 responses to “Blue Talavera by Judy Harper

  1. That is such a lovely design.

    All the needlepoint I have done in the past has been basketweave/tent stitch/continental stitch. [Yes, I know NOW they are different, but I didn’t when I did most of my earlier work, so the stitches could be any of these!]

    Nevertheless, some people say doing a huge area of this stitch is boring, but I find it almost meditative and love doing it. Perhaps this makes me odd?

    However, I am deeply envious that this was painted for you. The range of painted canvases seems to be so much better in the US than in the UK.

  2. I’m with you and Elaine – love to do therapeutic needlepoint in basketweave/tent/continental. The design is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  3. I’m about 2/3 through working on Judy’s “Nellie’s Imari,” another of her gorgeous classics. Stitching a piece entirely in basketweave is a little like eating comfort food!

  4. This is beautiful.. and I also find it relaxing to do basketweave. I love the effects achieved with the ‘special stitches’ but I don’t enjoy the ripping-out part, which I’ve had to do with some of them. I love this design and the colors.

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